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Round-the-clock delivery in Gelendzhik within 60 minutes
Buy a bouquet and give an amazing mood to your loved ones
24/7 delivery within 60 minutes
We will collect a bouquet for every taste and budget
In the presence of all the attributes of the holiday
Daily supply of fresh flowers
About us
We work for you without changing traditions. A family business that has been developing for over 40 years.
Here you will find everything you need for a gift - any bouquets and compositions, soft toys and balloons, as well as gift wrapping. Recently, potted plants have been added to the range to decorate your home. We have our own couriers who will deliver your order within an hour. Come in, all guests are welcome!
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Where is the delivery carried out?
We carry out delivery to the cities of Gelendzhik and Novorossiysk, as well as to nearby settlements within 60 km from Gelendzhik.
How do I know that the bouquet has been delivered?
Our courier provides a photo report about the delivered bouquet.
Can you collect your own bouquet?
Sure! You just need to explain to the manager exactly what you want.
How long will the flowers last?
There are always fresh flowers in the order. With proper care, they will last for three or more days.
How fast will you deliver?
Delivery time depends on your distance from the store. After payment, the order is immediately sent to the owner.
Is anonymous delivery possible?
Yes, it is possible.
Gelendzhik, Dzerzhinsky st., 26

+7 (938) 417 36 33